The Cynic’s Tale


i am he who bears the name that others shun
because they daren’t listen_
he who scorns blind happiness and
mocks it with sarcasm

   i am he who tells what’s wrong though i offer no solution_
i merely make unwelcome comments
and i do not smile as i speak >; )

  scathing remarks are my passwords
feel one then let me by
for i am he that others
(despite their consciences) avoid
in shame and in desperation

o you may tell me the world has such beauty
hidden in the depths of your mess
or quote instant equations
made vulgar by fractions of wrongs
done by man

    but you are lying
to yourselves_ not me
do you really think you can cure all of this
as you nibble your finger nails through ?
another victim in the war of nerves i quietly bring
(to YOU)


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