song abowt Big Man (& evrybody else)


jonny kum running home
finds his mother all alone
son she sez they took your daddy away
hes gon to fite in the war today

Big Man fite for more and mor
evrybody else go to war_

jonny going back to scool
finds his teechers make the rule
they are wrong and we are write
that is why we hav to fite

Big Man say kos its Big Mans land
no one else can understand_

jonny talking with his frends
finds no way to make amends
they all say that he cant see
they all say they fite to be free

Big Man showt about Big Mans pains
evrybody else in chains_

jonny goin back home
finds his mother still alone
watches her cry and then he say
think i’ll be a Big Man sum day

kos Big Man win and Big Man chooz
and evrybody else_
they just lose


(this poem is also a reggae song)


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