Nor Upon Reflection


ereh renni cigol on si ereht
_esnes ruoy yfsitas ot
enil no enil ym
(drow rof drow ruoy)
_esnepmocer on eb nac
rammarg hsilgne dradnats on
yrteop ro esorp morf
rehgih gnignilc mrof tra on
_eb ot thguo yllaer ti naht
nosaer ron emyhr mhtyhr on
yas uoy gnihtyna ron
revo snrut evarg sti ni dlrow eht sa
_yats ot senilced liveD eht dna

your pretensions have no limits
like my thought-plan knows no bounds
but together they’ll dance love-songs
on our peoples’ burial mounds_
we’ll work out our own contrition
from your conscience prisoners’ smile
turn their passion into fashion
remold their suffering with your style_
while actors trip fantastics
but remember all their part
and poets starve in garrets
to ‘do their bit’ for art
and your ‘red phase’ and your ‘blue phase’
take to screwing in the trees
creating purple deja-vous from sordid symmetries

then as the theatre gallery closes
rushed critics spill their ink
to tell you all of what they thought
the rest of you should think!



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