Last Recorded Despatch


_ signal received : translating : standby_

we have set our controls
for the heart of the sun
and most stages have fallen away

we had knowledge of friends
on distant and diverse stars
their signals have already gone
their news is no longer ours

we are two now
not four or five or twelve
and the force and the substance
of which we are made is merging

the outside is starting to glow

_ signal distort and interrupt : source = solar flare : standby_
_ signal retrieved : translating : standby_

if this can be read
or heard
or spoken
by anyone left on the dark side of the sun

then know
that the sleepers have woken
that the stages and signals have passed the point of return
that beyond the heat and the substance there is simply the light

 that the light is no longer curved

 and the journey is only begun

_ signal terminated : standby_

_ auto query : ‘dark side of the sun’ _
_ auto query : ‘light is no longer curved’ _

 _ user response ??? _

_ auto response : deleting _



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