In Respect of Failure

for the ‘boat people’ _ everywhere

This windswept day in scattered May
Along the dappled tow-path
We walked the southern shoreline
Our Mediterranean canal
Encumbered by a multitude of pilgrim seeds
Gusting Gliding Drifting Striving
Towards new hope and future lives
Just across that stretch of water_ northward

A cloud they seemed in their mass movement
Unless close enough to visualise
The downy cladding that bore them upward
And every marking of their individuality _
We wished them well and witnessed their haphazard journeys
Setting out to cross_ for them_ a vast and perilous sea _

But in still water pockets all the distance of both banks
The pale encrusted surface of slowly sinking bodies
Spoke of many hundreds who failed to reach fruition
And promises they had made themselves then strove for
And dreams and hopes so close to touching they did believe them real



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