– foreword –


I think verse and the love of language is what it’s always been about_
this heightened sensitivity that makes us what we are _

Most of the work reproduced here is representative of much more that’s been lost over my life-time _
nowadays i look back and remember lines and sometimes one or two verses_
i can raise a smile at my memories of school exercise books_
full of pencilled notes and crossings out and rewrites_
the smithying we toil over_ which molds and works and reworks an original ‘raw’ form
into something worthy of being called ‘finished’ _

Seemingly so very important in the time of the creating_ but now gone _
it’s absence the proof that it wasn’t important at all _
If art of any medium is to truly represent Life and our lives_
then the destruction_ the ‘letting go’ is as much a part of that process as the creation and the ‘discovery’ _

In fact i don’t think artists are of themselves ‘creative’ _
those who truly are_ are simply more in tune with the forces of the universe around them_
their wont (wanted or not!) is to tune in to a teeming chaos of thought and sensation
that forever Flows around us all_
and in a breathless moment to ‘capture’ some small part of Flow
by translating it into a recognisable medium for others to witness in some way _

But these ‘moments’ we translate are not ours_ and it really doesn’t matter what remains or has been lost _


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