Footz <3

out here is where i miss you mate _
not on the bed where you would drop
fifty kliks of body mass atop me
then curl around each other’s sleep
like wolves _

walking past the dog food aisle sucks but it’s ok
i can’t miss you where you never went
putting cheese away without sharing just feels strange
but not the same as missing you

nah _ out here is where i miss you most
along this track or through the wood
where sounds and scents were ours
where nothing moved we did not know about
glance and growl between us across half a field
language of our own _

pace picked up again now you’re gone
not that you’re ever gone mate _
them last walks you’d fall behind
Spirit more willing than bitching feet
and you and me pretending to ignore the pain _
neither of us miss that_ i bet
now you’re up front again where you belong

hope you know missing you won’t go away mate
behave yourself till up ahead when we hook up
crack on together again into what comes next _