Fall ( 7 Oct 14 )


We walked Spy Lane as day declined,
Paths slowly filling with tumbledown leaves.
While I hunted for windfalls from the old wild apple
He snuffled for rabbits along the brambled descent.

On the hill thick mist had sunk to pockets,
Showing trees regressing to autumnal hues.
We stood quiet and listened to the failing sunset
Then turned for home as darkness fell.


nothing spoken is true (Lao Tzu)

  1. maik says:

    i don’t normally put dates in my titles
    but today is my daughter’s birthday so an Excellent Reason to do so ❤
    and a Gold Star to the first person who can see the trick in these lines!

    also _
    today in 1955 the first public reading of 'Howl'
    was performed by Allen Ginsberg in San Francisco

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