A Tale of Two Women


sally comes in from the garden_ a rose in her hand
comes also from dreams
which placed her inside of the man
where the people she sees
are neither happy nor free anymore
they are leaving
they are gone from the sure

jacob spends hours that turn into days behind wire
so the ice in his heart makes the flames in his eyes
seem like fire
and where the acid of tears
has been burned and been turned into fear
that is weeping
(and ever so near!)

rosemary’s away
she’s spending her day in the clouds
where her heart rules her head
and things jacob said aren’t allowed
so she dances_ is gay
for prevention_ much better than cure
for the city
outside her door

sally is sleeping
she is watching the sky from her bed
and she’s waiting for jacob
to take up her hand and be led
to the places of green
where the laughter is seen in a smile
that relieves him
just for a while

it relieves him_  just for a while


(this poem is also a song)


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