Digital Artwork

these pictures are a small selection of my surviving artwork_ much of which has been lost over time _
but i believe that is how all art forms should be _ so it’s actually not a problem if work has gone forever _
please click on the images to see them at full size

rainbowtsunamirainbow tsunami
difficult to appreciate in smaller renditions of the original which is more than half a metre wide
the tsunami element is not in the obvious wave (inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e artist Hokusai)
but in the texture of the lower elements where the waves appear to be approaching the viewer
(click this image to see the waves)

parabolic_0100parabolic 0100

parabolic_0011parabolic 0011

parabolic_0010parabolic 0010

parabolic_0001parabolic 0001

In Homage of a Realist
created the morning i heard that Lucian Freud had died

(3D modelling)

(3D modelling)

.Universes #1
(3D modelling)

.the very last sunset
(digital graphics)

(3D modelling)

selfDestructionSelf Destruction
from the Rainbow Series
(digital graphics)

clearAirTurbulenceClear Air Turbulence
from the Rainbow Series
(digital graphics)

theoryOfChaos2Chaos Theory 2
from the Rainbow Series
(digital graphics)

Year Of The Dragon
‘Crack the Sky Shake the Earth’ was the command that launched the Tet Offensive in Vietnam

.going through phases #1
(3D modelling)

.going through phases #3
(3D modelling)

.War and Peace

.zionist criminal



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