On robins and reincarnations

Posted: April 22, 2016 in Photo Journal

01 saying hello

I saw him first about 2 months ago, flitting about behind the hydrangea bush where Spirit is buried.  But it’s been four months since Footz died so the dug over earth there was hardly fresh enough to still reveal bugs or worms that might pique a robin’s interest.  And because Becky told me about her spiritual awareness of the robins who appear in her life I must admit I kept more of an eye on this visitor.

Many people think of a robin as a merry, red-breasted symbol of Xmas, spreading Yuletide cheer on cards and gift-wrapping.  Perhaps they feel a little sorry for him too; tucking his head under his wing (poor thing!), in the dead of winter as the north wind blows.
Actually robins are fearless combatants.  ‘Painted warriors’ I have read them referred to as, though I would call them gladiators.  They are fiercely territorial and when they fight it is to the death.  When a robin sits on the handle of your fork in your garden it’s because he won them in battle; both the fork and the garden are his by right!

This morning I had to begin the gardening for real.  No more sowing seeds or pruning roses, time to dig!  But I planned a gentle start, just clearing out the onion patch and I knew it would be my first time in the garden without Footz to keep me company.  He would have started the day by waiting for me to lay out his rug, and memories of that sent me back into the house to find it and bring it out ‘as usual’, and when I returned the robin was waiting for me!

02 Spirit's matYou can just about see him in this photo _ stood next to the onion

I do freely admit that I had no reason for doing so but seeing the robin hopping about so close to the rug, I  did make an association between the friend I had buried and the little bird flitting around on his grave, now keeping me company as I gardened.  If nothing else, then rather than just a nagging emptiness, me tying the robin and his rug made feelings of missing Footz subtly bitter-sweet and eventually a joy to behold.

When he wasn’t sunning himself on his rug Footz dug up the garden and generally just got in the way.  Not to be outdone the robin did exactly the same!  Every turned-over trowel of earth had to be investigated, and more than that, while the investigation took place I just had to stay out of his way!

04 in the way

03 prospecting

I couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t take worms.  I threw him one and he cocked his head but only gave it a cursory glance.  But with the next trowel turnover and quick as a flash, in three svelte movements he filled his beak with a black beetle, a tiny millipede and a grub of some sort, before darting away and disappearing.
‘Feeding young,’ I thought.
The worm that I threw him was too much of a mouthful for them.

05 no worms

06 posing on trowel

Gardening got done, but slower than I had planned on this beautiful day.  Strawberries inspected, onions winter-weeded, the clematis on the corner coming into bloom.  I delayed watering the onion-bed so the robin could go over the patch once more if he wanted to.

07 clematis

The last time I saw him he was perched on the baby cherry tree that I recently planted over in dog-poo corner.
‘Nice tree,’ I could have sworn I heard Footz tell me, before cocking his leg at it and disappearing.
God-willing, it seems that I will still have some company in the garden this year   ; )

08 cherry tree


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