Lisa or Maria

Posted: April 4, 2016 in memories

i don’t remember if her name was Lisa or Maria
a young wife and mother with her husband & two children
who had retreated into the mountains to face her terminal cancer

i was introduced to them_ i think
because having lost my partner only months before
and alone now with our young son
perhaps i might know what to say

she broke every barrier that men and women live by
bitter against a Life that would be so cruel
and so open too with the joy of her children and her handsome man

sometimes the depth and range of our shared pain
might even have been gossiped in the villages as attraction or passion
but not by her gentle husband nor by our innocent children
with whom we shared and laughed and cried _

who but our loved ones mattered ?

Kazantzakis wrote that our planet Earth
careering headlong on a course around our Sun
turns so violently and imperfectly
bright glowing sparks fly burning off the side _
each spark is one of us and has a duty
to meet the other fleeting sparks
to prove that in this moment
i exist and you exist

in the collective insanity of a celebrated Saint’s Day
in the darkness of the village night_ lit by lanterns
as the retsina the violin and the clarinet rewound all of our passion
louder and higher and tighter
we two linked arms and broke the rules of traditional single male Zeibekiko
and the villagers watched in awe and then joined us
until a long line of linked humanity was dancing

we faced the insanity of living and dying together
and for those fleeting sparking moments our passion
enveloped them all until they were leading us _
the line of reveling villagers danced
onward onto a precipice still dancing
upward_ to above the height of their houses
and onward_ along the narrow top of an upright bench
backed right onto the cliff edge_ still dancing
where one false move would have dragged us all to oblivion
and realizing this we laughed_ still dancing

smiling into each other’s eyes_ witnessing the spark
shared in the collective insanity it had ignited
laughing in the face of the uncertainty that it led us to
dancing _

Shiva dances this way as well
Creator and Destroyer of our temporary moments_
Beginning and eternally Ending

i can’t remember if she was Lisa or Maria
(it never mattered!)
i will not forget the spark of her fleeting existence
nor the compelling carefree insanity of our laughter that night
at the Life and the Death in our dance



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