Orchid Story

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Photo Journal

Out on the trail Spirit & I normally go through this part of the fence _ I climb over and hold up the wire _ then he stoops down to crawl under _


Usually we veer to the right straight away but yesterday the voice inside said ‘go left’
and as soon as that decision was made the word ‘orchid’ popped into my head!

Once the traverse was completed by both of us we turned towards the bottom left corner of the field that was decked out with bluebells _


and looking back to where we had entered the field _


Spirit doesn’t mind waiting for photos to be taken but not happy when they’re taken of him!


We often see deer at this end of the field from a distance _
I’m fairly sure these markings on the tree bark were made by them _

As I examined them closer I looked down and stepped back_ realising I’d almost trodden on an orchid!

I tried to look them up on the internet but apparently they are difficult to identify _
This from one page I found_
“Spotted Orchids _ Seven species of the genus Dactylorhiza. These are the so called “spotted” orchids which are often difficult to tell apart being quite variable in colour and having a tendency to hybridize freely!”
Find out more about them here

The gentle slope of the field heads down to the valley floor and there was a colony of orchids all along the bottom bank _





I could feel the last one I spotted beckoning to me and imploring I take a photo because it was quite the prettiest of them all _

So I maneuvered myself to get the best angle and looking up realised I was gazing at that part of the field where we entered_ traversing the fence _ and back to where this Orchid Story began!



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